A New Added to University-Industry Collaborations

The cooperation agreement was signed between Marmara University Vocational School of Technical Sciences (TBMYO) and Tezmaksan Academy. In the signing ceremony held at our university, Marmara University Manager of  Vocational School of Technical Sciences Professor. Dr. Adnan Kakilli, Marmara University Technical Sciences Vocational School Head of Machine and Metal Technologies Department  Lecturer Dr. İlknur Çavuşoğlu and Tezmaksan Academy President Hakan Aydoğdu attended.

Within the scope of the treaty,  two institutions agreed to collaborate, conduct research and produce projects. Within the scope of Industry - university cooperation,  the students will be trained in Tezmaksan Academy in groups of 12 people for five days and learn the new technologies used in industry and the subtleties of using CNC. The first training will take place from 2 to 6 September.

The purpose of the cooperation is to meet the qualified employees shortage in the sector and to develop professional skills and raise awareness for the machinery and machine tools sector.

Tezmaksan Academy President Hakan Aydoğdu said in his speech: “Bringing the university and industry together on a common ground has an important place in the development of the sector and qualified employees. When we compare our country with developed countries, we see that our biggest problem is the shortage of qualified intermediate personnel. At this point, as Tezmaksan Academy, we are working to create a bridge between the educational activities and industry and the education sector. Our primary goal is to bring qualified and educated individuals to the industry and to contribute to the development of the industry by taking an encouraging and leading role in the sector. Because we care about the education of our future young people and we are proud to create a roadmap for them. ”

Technical Sciences Vocational School continues to be the leading educational institution in its field. After signing the protocol agreement with Telekom, it signed an agreement with Tezmaksan Academy. With the agreements it has made with the leading institutions of the sector, its contributions to our university, students and our country will continue.