A Respectable Job for Youth While Discipline and Responsibility for Employer

The research was conducted in Istanbul in the first half of the 2018 year and  residences for people aged 28-29 years were specified  as target population. That research sample was  considered to be representative of the given target population  and a group of 2500 people were included in it. One of the most notable conclusions of the research is that young people want a respectable job while an employer asks an employee with labor discipline and responsibility. Youngs participating in the survey were of the opinion that the abilility to speak a foreing language is one of the most valuable traits  for a good job. The following qualifications were programming knowledge and using of the office programs. 1982 people found a good salary important for a good job, while job guarantee for 1936 people,  less pressure of business for 1893 people,  flexible working hours for 1843 people and respected job for 1762 people.

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