Chat with Our Values

The interview which was performed under the title of “Skill Acquisitions in Sport”  was attended  by 2018 Balkan Champion Batuhan Buğra Eruygun, National Athletes  Gözde Sezgün and Serdar Gökcan.

Batuhan Eruygun, talking about beating the cancer for two times in his speech,  said “Now I feel myself very good and dream of running at  2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. There's nothing I can’t  do that I want.  I beat the cancer twice and I became a champion again. I believe that I will achieve my olympic goal.  

Serdar Gökcan emphasized the need for determination and internal-external motivation to be successful in the sport. Gözde Sezgün made evaluations especially about the need  to address the challenges faced by women athletes and gender inequality.

The chat meeting ended with the presentation of a plaque to the participants.