“Combined Smart Label System” for the Sighted Fingertips

The advertising  launch of social responsiblity project for  which  Marmara University Design Department and famous fashioner Can Yunus ÇETİNKAYA worked  together  was held in the M.U. Sultanahmet Rectorate Building on Friday,  26 December 2014. Launch started with the parade in which  the label that making the  life of  visually impaired persons  easier  was presented in addition to  casual and chic  clothes . Podium was prepared with the embossed yellow tape for the visually impared person. 

Can Yunus ÇETİNKAYA, in pursuit of the parade, talked about  that  he carries out this project in order to  be an inspiration to new generation  students as well as social responsiblity. Expressing that all things began with the visually impaired person who he met during a street shot, ÇETİNKAYA said that  “I met with  a visually impaired  person. I listened the  difficulties that he encountered in his life  and  so I decided to make something. He added to  his words that his  biggest supporter  is Assist.Prof.Dr. Nuriye ISGOREN, who is Head of Department Fashion Design, and  indicated he was very impressed with her invention which will provide a great contribution to the  life of visually impaired person. 

Sighted Fingertips  

Combined Smart Label System, developed by taking into account the esthetic functional properties  in order to  enable the visually impaired  person to choose  and use the textile products easier, integrates with the triple combination of the Braille Alphabet, Data matrix application and NFC system.

Assist.Prof.Dr. Nuriye ISGOREN, Head of Department of Fashion Design, Marmara University, she explained this invention  providing great convenience to the lives of visually impaired person  with the  following words:  We put four label on a card. These are very small notification notes to enable the visually impaired person to get information for the products. Firstly, we used the Braille Alphabet behind our label. We give information about the product so they can get the information by their sighted fingertips. The product information was written with the latin letters in front side  of the label and just under, it  took place respectively the chip of data matrix application and NFC Smart Label System.  NCF system enables  the information to listen vocally via smart phones and it is required that this program must  be downloaded  to the mobile phone  in order to access to the information vocally.

Famous fashioner Can Yunus ÇETİNKAYA talked to the Marmara Media Center New Agency in pursuit of parade and explanations .At the opening of his speech, he  said “when the life is   really asked for something, that   can be  reached”, and added how he  met with Assist.Prof.Dr.Nuriye Isgoren for  this social responsibility project. Çetinkaya said that I never believe to the coincidences in the life. You want something in life, you can  reach out that you want. We are discussing  and working with our teacher about such projects. İn nearly three years we have given  seminar at Marmara University. As I said before, this story began  with the visually  impaired person for me. Nearly 7-8 month later, during we made a meeting with our teacher, this issue came to the fore and I learned  that she had the same project. I so offered that we shall introduce this project together. And  we came together and it was very nice. 

Dear Prof.Mehmet Akalın; Vice Rector of Marmara University, Dear Assoc.Prof. Nevzat ONAT; Manager of  High School, Erkan İşgören; Coordinator of MITTO and academic staff and students of Marmara University took placed in the event.  The academicians and students of Kemerburgaz University and Nisantasi University  were also among the guests of the event  in   where  the well known figures from the fashion design world participated.