Eskar’s Research on “Women Working in  E-Commerce and  Informatics” Has Been Completed

Director of Marmara University Women’s Studies in the field of Economics and Social Application and Research Center ( ESKAR)  Prof. Dr. Fatma Ayanoğlu gave information about the researches carried out at the center. Ayanoğlu drew attention to the data obtained from the "Women Working in E-Commerce and Informatics" research carried out with the Information Commercialization Center and "The Problems Experienced by Women Entrepreneurs" conducted with the trade chambers and the data of TURKSTAT's "Women's Employment in the Pandemic".

Ayanoğlu announced the new book named “Women in Business Life”, which includes analysis for different sectors during the coronavirus epidemic process and consists of three sections with the titles "Business life evaluations", "Women-friendly companies in extraordinary sectors" and "Business life and women". Prof.Dr. Ayanoğlu wished the book to be beneficial to Turkey and the readers.

Fotoğraf: AA