Fire Safety Training With Exercises in Marmara University

Through Diroctorate of Safety and Department of Civil Defence Expertise, Fire Safety Training was given at Institutes Conference Room of Goztepe Campus of our university by  Istanbul Fire Brigade Training Center (IBITEM). Our university staff participated in  a total of eighteen hours of training.

In the training which  was given by the  Fire School Trainers of Fire Brigade Department, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, it was discussed the issues such as  the fire and fire types,    the movement position during fire and  measures to be taken against fire. 


On 25 December 2014, the exercise were made  with all participant that  fire equipments and fire extunguisher tube were used. 

For a total of 60 staff who was from faculties, high schools and  the head of  departments, the certificate will be issued by the IBITEM ( Fire School).  The certificates of  110 personel participated to the “In Situ Training for Fire Safety” which was held in Haydarpasa and Goztepe Campus in June 2014  were also  issued a short while ago.