Marketing Club Held “Brands Whispering”  Event

The concept of “Value Chain” was dealt with through the case entitled “Fast fish passes big fish ” in the event that was performed as interactivity.

The agenda of the event was formed by the concept of the value chain, which means the aim of creating mutual value through cooperation with various manufacturers.  By examining the case study titled  “Fast fish passes the big fish”, it was answered to questions such as how to cooperate with the producers in the world, how to produce them with minimum cost and how to deliver them to the consumer in the fastest way. It was expressed that a brand, which finds the answer to these questions correctly and produces according to these answers, will be fast fish. As a result,  the fast fish will be the winner no matter how big the fish is.

The event ended with the presenting a gift to Murat Kolbasi and a commemorative photo.

Brands Whisper’g is a digital case library where the marketing problems we encounter in daily life are explained through case studies. In the project, brand managers explain the basic principles of marketing through case studies. Recordings published on the internet and via video are publicly available. The case studies described in the videos aim to apply theoretical knowledge into real life.

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