Marmara University made once again an agreement with Germany's Minister

A lot of representatives from various universities such as Paderborn University, Bielefeld University, Köln University and Duisburg-Essen University, who give education in Germany, participated in the signing ceremony of agreement signed between  Marmara university and Aachen Technical University.



After his  opening speech of signing ceremony, Vice Rector of Marmara University Prof.Dr. Mehmet AKALIN began his speech by saying  that Germany- Turkey relations are developing in the field of education as well as their historical,  socio-cultural and economic relations. 


Explaining  how much of  our university has  potential and resources,  Prof.Dr. AKALIN mentioned Turkey’s developments  in the industrial field  and gave the examples  from TUBITAK projects.  Emphasizing the similarities between Aachen University and our university, Prof.Dr. AKALIN completed his speech by saying "We hope this visit will lead to the cooperations in the various  fields."



After   Vice Rector’s speech, Minister for Innovation, Science and Research of the German Federal State of North Rine-Westphalia Svenja SCHULZE  made her speech by saying “I'm  very pleased to be here today”. Reporting that “There are a lot of Turkish students in the German Universities” Minister Schulze also said “We have the connections  and  agreements with whole world. We also  need Turkish students in Westphalia  to make this cooperation.”


After Minister’s speech, other participants  from various universities of Germany gave  speech  to introduce themselves briefly.

Bayram ASLAN, Head of Division – Turkey at RWTH Aachen University Institute of  Textile Engineering,explained that he has the connections with  our Vice Rector Prof.Dr. AKALIN in a long time and said  “ We thank you very much for providing us this oppurtunity”.  

Prof.Dr. Ute Klammer from Duisburg-Essen University said "Marmara University is the education institution   we know well"  and told that 16% of their students are foreign national.

Marmara University, International Office,  Erasmus Coordinator H.Gökçen ÖCAL, saying that Germany is  important partner in our Erasmus programme, added that "Each semester  there is an average of  200 students from Germany”.Speaking again after the speeches of the participants, Vice Rector Prof.Dr. AKALIN said that “ I see  a lot of  project oppurtunities in this field.  Especially industrial corporations can contribute to these projects. Marmara University is a big university. From this point, I think the universities can help to take quick  action.”

The gift ceremony was held  in pursuit of signing of interuniversity  cooperation agreement between Marmara University and Aachen University.