Marmara University Participated in the "Fifth Congress of World Azerbaijanis"

The Fifth Congress of World Azerbaijanis was held in the historical city of Shusha in Azerbaijan. The congress organized by the Azerbaijan Diaspora Organization (State Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan for Diaspora Affairs) was named the "Victory Convention" because of the liberation of Shusha, which is the center of Karabakh, from occupation. About 400 Azerbaijanis, invited from 65 countries of the world, attended the congress. President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev made the opening speech. In the congress, which continued with a few panels, the importance of explaining the destructions made by Armenia during the 30-year occupation period and the peace efforts carried out by the Azerbaijani administration to the world public was emphasized.

Among those invited to the "Victory Convention" were two members of our university. Invited by our Rector with the title of "Rector's Distinguished Visiting Professor", Prof. Dr. Mesut Efendiyev was one of the two world-renowned Azerbaijani academicians who attended the congress privately. Efendiyev, who is the first Azerbaijani academician to win the Alexander Fon Humboldt Award, was among the first speakers at the congress and made a meaningful speech. At the congress in Shusha, Mesut Efendiyev would encounter a surprise: With the decree of President Ilham Aliyev, Mesut Efendiyev was given the title of "Honorary Scientist of Azerbaijan".

Assoc. Prof. Mehdi Genceli who attended the congress served as an academician in the Institute of Turkic Studies at Marmara  University.