Marmara University Researchers’  Great Success  in the Field of "Connected Autonomous Vehicles"

Assoc. Prof. Müjdat Soytürk, Marmara University Faculty of Engineering Department of Computer Engineering and Manager of MInD-NET laboratory and VeNIT Research Group, and his research team developed “Digital Twin Platform”, with the contribution of the R&D projects with a total budget of 250 million Euros and Marmara University budget of 2 million Euros in the field of Artificial Intelligence-Communication (5G) -Connected Vehicles, within the scope of the European Union's H2020-ECSEL calls.

This project has broken new ground in the world by establishing a development & test infrastructure for transportation, automotive, telecommunication sectors and connected vehicles, smart transportation, smart city applications that will enable the tests of Connected Vehicles and Connected Autonomous Vehicles in all kinds of environments and conditions.

We congratulated  Assoc. Prof. Müjdat Soytürk and his team and wish their continued success.


Marmara University

Faculty of Engineering

Machine Intelligence, Design and Networking Lab (MInD-NET Lab)

Vehicular Networking and Intelligent Transportation Systems (VeNIT),


Key Words:

Intelligent Transportation Systems (AUS)

Cooperative AUS (K-AUS)

Vehicle to Everything (V2X)

Connected Cars / Connected Vehicles

Connected Autonomous Vehicles

Digital Twin

5G Technologies