Marmara University's Scientists   Discovered A Protein Effective Against Corona in Goat’s Milk

Prof. Dr. Tuğba Tunalı Akbay, Prof. Dr. Göksel Şener and Assoc. Prof. Betül Okuyan found that  a protein in goat’s milk is effective  against coronavirus.

Talking about the study they conducted, Prof. Dr. Tuğba Tunalı Akbay said:  "We have detected that the parts we call 'bioactive peptide' that emerge after treating beta-lactoglobulin, a protein sourced from goat milk, with certain enzymes, are effective on coronavirus. We have observed via computer-mediated programs that peptides interact with all of the binding points on the virus. This protein blocks the receptors and prevents the virus from entering the human body ". 

Saying that in the presence of a protective protein, Akbay added  that this substance should be evaluated in medicines as a nasal spray or a spray  that can be used on masks or as a material that can be put in between masks.” Akbay also said the findings of the project must not be confused with the consumption of goat’s milk.  “We cannot benefit from these bioactive peptides by drinking goat milk. We obtain these peptides 'using goat's milk'.

The research article of our academics was published in the European Journal of Pharmacology.