Opening Ceremony   of the Academic Year 2020-2021 Was Held

Marmara University 2020-2021 Academic Year Opening Ceremony was realized with the honor of Founding Rector Prof. Dr. Orhan Oğuz, Rector Prof. Dr. Erol Özvar, Dr. Mehmet Genç and Prof. Dr. Messoud Efendiyev. The opening lesson adapted to today's conditions was held on October 27 via Youtube live streaming.

The academic ceremony opened with the message of Founding Rector of Marmara University Prof. Dr. Orhan Oğuz, who provided important services during the establishment phase of our university. Orhan Oğuz wished the new academic year to be beneficial to all Marmara University members.

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Erol Özvar thanked Orhan Oğuz for his honor and started his speech by wishing to hold the opening lectures face to face in the coming years. Talking about the new academic year, Erol Özvar said: “We started the online education period due to Kovid-19. Our aim is to start education face to face and to host our students in our faculties as soon as possible. But above all else, the health of our students, faculty members and administrative staff is very important for us.  Therefore, educational activities of our university this semester will be online. When the circumstances allow, we will be pleased to host you in our campuses in the second term."

Speaking about the ongoing construction activities in the Recep Tayyip Erdogan Complex, which was allocated by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to our university, Prof. Erol Özvar said “Our Engineering Faculty and Technology Faculty will move to our new campus in the spring of 2021. We aim to gather our university under one roof until 2023. "

 Saying that Marmara University Prof. Dr. Asaf Ataseven Hospital has offered services  since last June, Özvar added the pandemic hospital serves all members of the society. He also announced the project of  “Disabled Dental Hospital", the foundations of which are planned to be laid within our university.

Subsequent speaker Dr. Mehmet Genç, who gives lectures on "State and Economy in the Ottoman Empire", presented the general framework of the subject conveyed in his lectures to the participants. He gave information about the State and Economy in the Ottoman Empire as an introductory lesson. He especially talked about the financial policies in the Ottoman period and explained the factors regarding the failure to transition to the modern economic system.

Prof. Dr. Messoud Efendiyev, who is working in the field of mathematics at the Institute of Computational Biology(ICB), said in his speech Marmara University is one of Turkey's leading educational institutions.  Messoud Efendiyev said that they frequently exchanged views with Rector Erol Özvar in order to contribute to the development of our university and added that they are eager to do joint works. Collaborating with world-renowned scientists, Efendiyev said: "The positive contribution of my Nobel Prize-winning colleagues to Marmara University was our most important project." Messoud Efendiyev, who will join our school as a “visiting lecturer” in order to support graduate studies at our university in the 2020-2021 academic year, emphasized the need for technical sciences and human sciences to work together. He concluded his words by adding that he has high expectations for young scholars at our university.

Haber: Nida Şenler