Professor Messoud Efendiyev  Was Honored  With Lifetime  Achievement Award by  Fields Institute

The international symposium dedicated to the 70th birthday of Professor Messoud Efendiyev, who serves as a visiting professor at Marmara University,  was held in  Baku between 23-26 October. The International symposium titled "Nonlinear Phenomena in Biology, Physics and Mechanics"  was organized by the State Committee on Work With Diaspora of Azerbaijan, the Ministry of Science and Education and the Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC).

A world-renowned Azerbaijani scientist Professor Messoud Efendiyev, the first Azerbaijani scientist to receive the Humboldt Prize, Honored Scientist of Azerbaijan, as well as many other awards from the world of science, and  Co-Chair of the World Azerbaijani Scientists Association,  received another special award on the 70th anniversary of his birth.  Fields Institute (Toronto/Canada), the world's most popular and prestigious institute in the field of mathematics, rewarded Professor Efendiyev with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his extraordinary achievements in mathematics. He was given his awards by Prof. Dr. Kumar Murty,  Director of Fields Institute.

The international symposium, where more than 50 important scientists from more than 20 countries presented their papers and lasted four days,  attracted great attention from the scientific world. It was mainly discussed current issues in biology, ecology, physics, mechanics and mathematics.

The opening speech of the international symposium, organized for the first time in Azerbaijan with state support, was made by the Rector of Azerbaijan University of Economics  Prof. Dr. Adalet Muradov.  He started his speech by congratulating the world-renowned Azerbaijani scientist on his birthday and talked about his important contributions to contemporary science. In the opening session, Azerbaijani Minister of Science and Education Emin Emrullayev, Azerbaijan Diaspora Committee Chairman Fuad Muradov and Toronto Business International University Rector Prof. Dr. Feridun Hamdullahpur made a speech and talked about Efendiyev's innovative scientific achievements and his radical works, especially in the field of mathematics. Another academician who attended the symposium was Prof. Dr. Mikheil Chkhenkeli, Former Minister of Science and Education of Georgia.  He congratulated Efendiyev and expressed that he was honored to participate in such a prestigious event.

Prof. Dr. Arieh Warshel, who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2013 and attended the symposium online from the USA, talked about Efendiyev's scientific achievements and expressed that he was proud of Efendiyev.  Underlining that Efendiyev is a Turkish friend and a Türkiye lover, Warshel emphasized in his speech that world-renowned scientists such as Efendiyev were gathered under the roof of Marmara University, as a result of Erol Özvar's personal efforts, Former Marmara University Rector and President of the Council of Higher Education. While Prof. Dr.  Mustafa Taylan Şengül was one of three academicians participating in the symposium from Turkey, the famous physicist Roald Zinnurovich Sagdeev from Merilend University, USA, was also among those who participated online.

In his interview with Azerbaijan Television regarding the international symposium, Professor Efendiyev stated that he was very pleased that his birthday was celebrated at the state level in Azerbaijan and said that this is an important indicator of the value that the Azerbaijani state attaches to science and scientists.