Third International Maritime Law Congress Will Be Hosted by Faculty of Law, Marmara University.

The  most respected peoples  who are  from the world’s leading countries in Maritime Law and also representatives of P&I Clup will be together in the congress.  Among them are the following:  Prof. Martin Davies (U.S.A.), Head of Department of Maritime Law at Tulane University ;  Prof.Dr. Athanassios Yiannopoulos (U.S.A.), Architect of Louisiana Civil Law ;  John W. DeGravelles, Judge of U.S.A. Federal Court and Barcelona University Lecturer Prof.Dr. Ignacio Arroyo Martinez (Spain), Head of Spanish  Maritime Law ;  Gent University  Lecturer Prof. Dr. Eduard Somers (Belgium) and Bologna University Lecturer  Prof. Dr. Stefano Zunarelli (Italy) .

A lot of  guestion of law in this sector , especially on the  effects of Ebola epidemic to maritime sector, transportation in bosphorus and environmental risques and the  solutions about these matters will be discussed in that congress.

Third International Maritime Law Congress which is supported by Ministry of Justice and Chamber of Shipping is the biggest international organization in this field.

It will be held in Ord.Prof.Dr. Reşat Kaynar Hall, Haydarpasa Campus at Marmara University.

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