Biomedical Imaging and Diagnostic Laboratory Established

Biomedical Imaging and Diagnostic Laboratory was established in Nanotechnology Biomaterials Application and Research Center.

It is planned to carry out two projects about ultrasound technologies that are used in the process of diagnosis and treatment in this laboratory.

Within the first of the projects to be carried out, it is aimed to monitor and improve cancer cells by developing High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology for imaging and treatment of those cancer cells.

In the ongoing stages of the project carried out in the laboratory where the software and hardware are developed for imaging cancer cells,  thanks to the advantages of HIFU technology, cancerous tissues can be intervened without damaging healthy tissues.

Within the scope of the second project to be conducted in the new laboratory, the production and development of domestic and national ultrasonic imaging devices are planned.  With the aim of creating a simple prototype of the imaging device that will be developed in the project, Marmara University is in the collaboration with  TUBITAK UME and National Metrology Laboratory.