CVL4OT Project Successfully Completed

The closing meeting of the European Union ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership Project, titled 'Creating a Virtual Laboratory for Online Teaching (CVL4OT)' conducted by Marmara University Nanotechnology and Biomaterials Application and Research Center (NBUAM) and consisting of 5 partners from Romania, Spain, France and Turkey, was held.

The project, which started on 1 June 2021, was financed by the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships Program with a budget of 232,804 Euros. Within the scope of the project, 'Online Training on Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering' was held for 8 weeks, accompanied by expert academics from Spain, Romania, France and Turkey.

The online training covering 14 modules was published on the project's website. An online laboratory was also created within the scope of this project, while experiments with remote control were provided. Approximately 300 applications were received from universities and institutes for this online training. 125 students, who successfully completed 14 training modules in the 2 months given to them, were invited to a remote 3D bioprinting online laboratory experience.

Another important output of the project was the publication of the Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering textbook, which includes 14-week modules prepared by researchers from 5 partner countries. The online education portal will be open for the next year and students will be able to benefit from the Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering online training. In addition, thanks to the online education portal where necessary steps will be taken to publish it on the 'FutureLearn' platform, it is planned that the training will reach a large number of students and the universities will be introduced to the whole world. It is thought that the CVL4OT project will be the basis for developing a new project. In the last meetings held on 14-20 May 2023, the activities carried out during the project were explained in detail. A total of 88 students were awarded a certificate of achievement by completing their online laboratory experience.

The closure of the project was held at Marmara University and its local project partner, Yıldız Technical University. NBUAM Director  Prof. Dr. Oğuzhan Gündüz, Assoc. Prof. Nazmi Ekren, Lect. Dr.  Songül Ulağ,   Lect. Dr. Ayşe Ceren Koyuncu, Research Assist. Eray Altan from the Faculty of Technology, Lect. Dr. M. Sami Okumus from the Faculty of Communication and Instructor Sema Gündüz from the Innovation and Technology Transfer Application and Research Center (MITTO) took part in the project. We congratulated them for their contributions and wish them continued success.

You can visit the following website for detailed information about the project: