"Developing Library  Developing Librarian Project" Completed

The "Developing Library, Developing Librarian Project", prepared under the direction of Marmara University, in cooperation with the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism and Istanbul University, was carried out between February-June 2022. The project, which spanned a five months period, aimed to increase the competence and motivation of librarians working in libraries affiliated with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Istanbul. Within the project, which contributes to the development of Turkey's reading culture, librarians were given various trainings on web tools, effective communication techniques, user services, volunteer management, event organization, human resources, children's literature and literary text analysis by expert academics from Marmara, Istanbul and Yıldız Technical Universities. Within the scope of the project, different applications and activities in libraries were increased. It is thought that the project will increase the service quality and reading culture level of libraries in Istanbul in the future.

The closing ceremony of the "Developing Library, Developing Librarian Project", under the direction of Dr. Lect. Mehlika Karagözoğlu from  the Marmara University, was held on Monday, 20 June 2022 at 11:00 at the Tarık Zafer Tunaya Cultural Center. Rector Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kurt presented the certificates of appreciation to the academicians who provided training within the scope of the project.

At the ceremony, the theatrical performance "Reading Culture Through Karagöz's Eyes", written by Librarian Ali Çakır, was successfully staged by Zühre Gül Gedikli, who is 2nd-year student at the Department of Information and Document Management, Marmara University.

The ceremony ended with a music concert by Presidential Choir Director and Violin Artist Dr. Mithat Arısoy.