Faculty of Technology Students Have Gained Success for TÜBİTAK

A total of 6 projects of our students from the Department of  Computer Engineering, Faculty of Technology, were entitled to be supported by TUBITAK within the scope of "2209-A University Students Research Projects Support Program".

Traveler: Tourism Modeling of Istanbul and Virtual Tourism Assistant Application

Project Coordinator: Sühenda Hilal Eto, Project Partner: Süha Küçükali, Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Buket Doğan,

Price Estimation by Processing Automobile Data Obtained with the Web-Crawler to be Developed

Project Coordinator: Ali Mert Koç, Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Kazim Yildiz

Development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Mine Scanning, Detection and Disposal

Project Coordinator: Taha Kaynak (Electrical-Electronics Engineering), Supervisor: Lect. Dr. Anıl Baş

Social Distancing Detector for indoor space

Project Coordinator: Fatih Enes Uslu, Supervisor: Lect. Dr.  Anıl Baş

Developing a Fake Face Detection System Using Deep Learning Techniques

Project Coordinator: Burcu Altuğ, Project Partner: Mustafa Sedat Narmanlı, Supervisor: Lect. Dr. Anıl Baş

Development of Real-Time Object Detection System for Underwater Vehicles

Project Coordinator: Mehmet Kaan Erol, Project Partners: Muhammet Kerem Öztürk and Umut Arda Kapan, Supervisor: Lect. Dr. Anıl Baş

We congratulate our academics and students and wish them continued success.

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