International Success of Marmara University Students

Established by 10 students from Marmara University Translation and Interpretation Department of German and English Language Teaching under the consultancy of Assoc.Prof. Sevinç Arı of the Department of the  Translation and Interpretation,  “ Guild Translation and Localization Cooperative” was one of the two projects selected from the European continent within the scope of the Replication Project organized by the youth branch of the Belgium-based International Cooperatives Association (ICA), and was awarded a grant of € 7,500.

The business model used within the project is Turkey’s first example while the second in Europe. The Guild Translation and Localization Cooperative, or “The Guild” as they use it internationally, was established by 10 founding partners and five volunteer members consisting of active students and alumni of Marmara University. It is a collective cooperative of translators that aims to provide translation and localization services in many languages. Being founding partners of the cooperative, Alara Türkü Aktaş, Cansel Işık, Ece Kaya, Esra Nur Akçakaya, Fatih Sevinç, İkram Yağdıran, Kaan Taha Uluç and Soner Keskin are studying in the German Translation and Interpretation Department at Marmara University, and Mehmet Ali Özgündüz in the English Language Teaching Department. Egemen Görçek works as a freelance translator.

“The Guild” aiming to create a new business model and to be a leader in the implementation of this business model believes that translations will be of higher quality thanks to a good working environment, strong communication ties and fair wages policies. Therefore, it is stated that the Guild’s primary goal is to present this business model as an example that could change the current terms and conditions. Carried out under the consultancy of Assoc. Prof. Sevinç Arı, this project has demonstrated the reflection of university education in the field of application with an international success example.