Marmara University Among the Best in Turkey

The  “World University Rankings 2022” list of the  EduRank, which is an independent metric-based ranking of 14,131 universities from 183 countries for  246 research topics, has been announced. According to EduRank's ranking in Turkey, Marmara University is in the top three in the fields of International Trade, Engineering Management, Human Resources, International Business, Music, and Entrepreneurship.

Marmara University, which ranks 6th in Psychology and 7th in Business Administration, Economics, and Medicine, managed to enter the top ten by placing 8th in Arts and Social Sciences and Mathematics.

EduRank uses a proprietary database with an index of 44,909,300 scientific publications and 1,237,541,960 citations to rank universities across 246 research topics. In the overall rankings, it is added non-academic prominence and alumni popularity indicators.