Marmara University Innovation and Technology Transfer Application and Research Center (MITTO) Participated in the   Europe Digital, Industry and Space Cluster  National Project Market

The Horizon Europe Digital, Industry and Space Cluster National Project Market, of which MITTO  is a stakeholder and organized by the Istanbul Project Academy of the Istanbul Chamber of Industry, was held on October 5, 2022 at ISO Odakule.

In the "Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe Success Stories" panel, Faculty of Engineering Computer Engineering Lecturer Assoc. Prof. Müjdat Soytürk shared his project experiences and knowledge with the participants. Soytürk, who was the executive of 3 Horizon2020  projects, stated that they ensured the sustainability of R&D studies with 2 new projects that were applied for and accepted in the Horizon Europe program. Soytürk, who also stated that they achieved the success of taking part in the Horizon Europe program “DECICE: Device-Edge-Cloud Intelligent Collaboration framework” project, which will start in November, thanks to their participation in the project market events,  emphasized the importance of participating in project market activities for the development of connections and experience, as well as the creating of project proposal collaborations. The project titled ”BRIGHTER: Breakthrough in micro-bolometer imaging”, which was supported by Horizon Europe Key Digital Technologies (KDT) calls and will start in December 2022, was supported by receiving the highest  score among all projects in the highly competitive HORIZON-KDT-JU-2021 calls. In the aforementioned projects, contributions will be made in the fields of edge-computing, artificial intelligence, image processing and communication, and the project outputs will be used in the Autonomous and Connected Vehicle areas. Assoc.Prof. Soytürk also stated that  they ensure the continuity of the R&D studies by taking part in European Union projects, and that they are the preferred partner in new projects by completing their tasks in the projects they are partnering with in the best way possible.