Marmara University Institute Of Islamic Economics And Finance (MÜİSEF) Advisory Board Meeting Took Place

1st Advisory Board Meeting of Marmara University Institute of Islamic Economics and Finance (MÜİSEF), which was established in cooperation with the Presidential Finance Office and Marmara University, was held on Tuesday, July 30 at the Marmara University Sultanahmet Complex.

Opening Speeches

Welcoming speeches of the meeting that brought important academicians from Turkey and abroad in the field of Islamic Finance was made by Dr. Göksel Aşan and Rector of Marmara University Prof. Dr.  Erol Özvar and opening speech of the event was made by MÜİSEF Director Prof. Dr. Ertuğrul Boynukalın.

In his speech, Professor Göksel Aşan stated that “MÜİSEF is one of the milestones in our efforts that will make İstanbul the Islamic world’s economic capital. Pointing to the fact that with MUİSEF a more holistic view of Islamic finance would be developed Professor Aşan stated that it will create an academic infrastructure for their hopes of making İstanbul a financial capital.  Aşan made it clear that the Istanbul Finance Center (IFC) will be different from the examples in the world and emphasized that financial technologies and Islamic finance fields are critical for them.

Rector of Marmara University Dr. Erol Özvar said in his speech; “The foundation of MÜİSEF is an important step towards a new, fair, effective and inclusive financial system”. Özvar stated that the goal of MÜİSEF is to develop solutions for the economic and financial sector on the theoretical background of the Islamic economy. He stressed that they want to offer Islamic financial solutions and institutions that are shaped by Islamic morality in line with Islamic principles.

Head of MÜİSEF Prof. Dr. Ertugrul Boynukal said in his speech; "Our institute is the first institute founded on Islamic Economics and Finance in Turkey." Stating that their aim is to provide an education in three different languages such as Turkish, English and Arabic,  he pointed to the fact that every graduate from the institute will be fit for the global financial system and has disciplinary tolerance. Boynukalın then added, “The institute will continue to work independently for the successful students and scholarship opportunities will be provided”. After the opening speeches of the Advisory Board Meeting continued closed to the press.

Marmara University Institute of Islamic Economics and Finance (MÜİSEF)

Marmara University Institute of Islamic Economics and Finance (MÜİSEF) was established with the of the Presidential decree No. 967 published in the Official Gazette on April 17th of 2019.  MÜİSEF aims to be an international institution with an emphasis on Islamic ethics, benefiting from national and international scientific accumulation in order to improve the holistic view of Islamic economy and finance, and conducting research on emerging working areas and institutions based on the studies carried out in this field in our tradition. In this field, MÜİSEF has the honor of being the first of its kind.

In this context, MÜİSEF plans to open master and doctorate programs in the fields of Islamic Economy and Finance in Turkish, English and Arabic languages in order to provide international education and to bring the researches to an international standard. In addition to the existing courses such as Islamic economics, Islamic finance and Islamic law, the Institute will incorporate innovative courses such as economic theory, mathematical methods, financial technology, risk management, econometrics and simulation methods with hopes of providing students with an interdisciplinary formation in an international standard.

Also, the institute will organize national and international seminars, meetings, workshops and conferences in cooperation with stakeholder institutions and organizations. It will also help students in areas such as preparing projects; making certificate programs; preparing academic studies and course materials in this field.