Marmara University Scientific Publications and Project Awards  2019

The "Scientific Publication and Project Awards 2019", which are given to support the scientific projects and publications of the academic staff of Marmara University, found their owners. The names of our academicians who won the awards in seven different fields in total are as follows;


Scientific Publishing Awards

Scientific Project Awards

Health Sciences

Prof.Dr.Ahmet Oğuzhan ÖZEN


Basic Sciences

Assoc.Prof. İlhan YAVUZ

Assoc.Prof.Nüzhet Cenk SESAL


Prof.Dr. Atıf KOCA

Prof.Dr. Atıf KOCA

Social Sciences

Prof.Dr. Emel Parlar DAL

Lect. Dr.  Emrah KELEŞ

Human Sciences

Prof.Dr. Halil EKŞİ


Sport Sciences

Assoc. Prof. Ani AGOPYAN



A total of 37 scientific publications and 5 project applications were made within the  “Marmara University Scientific  Publications and Project Awards 2019 ”, and distribution of those applications according to the scientific areas is as follows:  15 publications in the field of Health Sciences, 3 publications and 2 projects in the field of Basic Sciences, 10 publications and 1 project in the field of Engineering, 6 publications and 2 projects in the field of Social Sciences, 2 publications in the field of Human Sciences, 1 publication in the field of Sport Sciences.