Marmara University's 2. Congress of Pediatric Was Held

The social theme of the organised congress was “Migrant Childrens” while its  scientific theme was the “The innovations in the Pediatrics”.  M.U. Vice Rector Prof.Dr. Mehmet AKALIN gave the opening speech of the congress  and remarked that education and research is the important task of the universities and M.U.  Department of  Pediatrics  has been proved itself  at the international  level  with its researches and publications and  its academicians who took charge in the international arena. He also said that they will  continue  to support  the research and development studies  within  the financial  resources allocated to the scientific research projects.


Besides its  education and research, our  university hospital has  given the quality and high level service in the field of health to the large mass of people   with the devoted  efforts of  our  academicians and young doctors  who are collaboration with the Ministry of Health. Prof.Dr.Mehmet AKALIN  also celebrated the Department of Marmara Pediatrics performing such  scientific activity in spite of  their busy shedule and wished  for a successful congress.  

In the first day of the 2. Marmara Pediatric Congress  that continued 3 days, the courses named “Pediatric Monitoring” and “Common Problems in the Pediatric”  were organised. Current  and practical information were blended with the experience of the experts in their own fields in the  way that allows the trainees to use those informations   in their Daily Professional life. Participants also were given the course certificates.




In the scientific programme of the congress, a lot of experts in their own fields were took place together. As well as  panels that  the common questions and issues about interclinics were discusssed,  very important and  much required practical issues in the pediatric practice were dealt with the latest developments.