MELT- 2019 Was Held  

MU The International English Language Teaching Conference (MELT Conference 2019), organized jointly by the School of Foreign Languages ​​and the Department of English Language Teaching at Atatürk Faculty of Education, was held at Göztepe Campus, on October 11-12

The main theme of the conference was the changes in English language education in the 21st century. Prof. Dr. Derin Atay of Bahçeşehir University, Lecturer Dr. Kamile Hamiloğlu of Marmara University, LAMSIG, Andy Hockley of UK and Martyn Clarke of Norwich Institute of Language Education participated in the conference as speakers.

The conference began with  Lecturer Dr. Bülent Halvaşi's piano performance and with the performance of the folk music ensemble that was composed of students from the Department of Music Education. The opening speeches of the conference were given by M.Ü. Dean of Atatürk Faculty of Education Prof.  Dr. Ahmet Şükrü Özdemir, Director of MÜYADYO Prof. Dr. Harun Duman and Lecturer Dr. Dilek Uygun Gökmen.