Our Lecturers from the Faculties of Engineering and Medicine Get A Success in Tubitak

A project titled “Development of an Acoustic Based Real-Time Cell Proliferation and Viability Analysis System”, developed in cooperation with our academicians from the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Medicine, was entitled to receive support within the scope of TÜBİTAK 1507 program. The project will be carried out in the Medicasense Teknoloji Ltd, located in the Technology Development Zone of Marmara University and owned by Dr. Alper Şişman, who is a lecturer in the the Faculty of Engineering, and MARSTEK Cell Technologies Ltd, which is located in Marmara University Technopark and belongs to lecturers Dr. Tunç Akkoç and Dr. Burak Aksu from the Faculty of Medicine.

We congratulate our academicians and wish them success.