Our Nanotechnology Center Has Achieved Great Success

Res. Assist. PhD. Muhammet Emin Çam's original research paper titled "Experimental and theoretical investigation of the fluid behavior during polymeric fiber formation and without pressure" was published.

The article, which was written as a result of the research carried out by Çam, with the contributions of  Hussain Alenezi and Mohan Edirisinghe, was published in Applied Physics Reviews (2018 Impact factor: 12.75, five-year average Impact factor: 16.463). The article was chosen by the journal as "Featured / Editor's choice".

The article, which attracted the attention of world-renowned science, research, and technology news sites, was shared by the Phys.org website with 747,000 followers.

You can reach the article and its reflections on science news sites from the following links: