Our Student from the Faculty of Technology  Produced Artificial Ligament As An  Alternative to Natural Ligament Tissue

The study of Elif Saatcioglu from the Faculty of Technology, Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering,  was accepted to be published in the European Polymer Journal (IF = 3.862), which is in the Q1 category.

Our undergraduate student produced artificial ligament tissue similar to natural ligament tissue using the electrospinning method within the study which she is carrying out in Nanotechnology and Biomaterials Research Center (NBUAM).  The ligament is a connective tissue that connects bones to other bones and is the most wound area in the knee. When this ligament tissue is damaged, it is difficult to treat and heals late. By this study, it was aimed to produce artificial ligament tissue that could replace damaged ligament tissue and it was proved that the obtained urethral structures could be an alternative approach to natural ligament tissue.

We congratulate our undergraduate student Elif Saatcioglu, Ph.D. student Songül Ulağ and our professors and wish them continued success.