Prof.Dr.  Ünsal Oskay Was Commemorated with A Panel Organized On His Behalf  

Prof.Dr. Ünsal Oskay, former dean of Faculty of Communication and known for his works in the fields of Communication Science and Social Science, was commemorated with a panel on the 10th anniversary of his death.

The panel titled “Footprints of Ünsal Oskay in Turkish World of Thought”  was held in the Faculty of Communication, Marmara University, on 17th October.  

Moderated by Lecturer Dr. Göksel Aymaz,  the panel was attended by Prof. Dr. Tayfun Atay, Prof. Dr. Besim Dellaloğlu, Assoc. Dr. Hediyetullah Aydeniz and Çınar Oskay.

Tayfun Atay stated that Ünsal Oskay is an important person on behalf of the media and popular culture criticism in Turkey. In pursuit of his words,  Besim Dellaloğlu spoke that Oskay’s translation and copyright works have been the initiative for the recognition of Frankfurt School and Critical Theory in Turkey.  Hediyetullah Aydeniz gave information about the academic studies of the Oskay, starting from his doctorate to his retirement. His son Cinar Oskay said in his speech that his father 's being known in his own faculty meant a great deal on behalf of his family, adding that his father’s being here as a faculty member for years gave him happiness.