Public Institutions’ Cooperation for  In-Service Training

Marmara University continues to give training for its administrative staff during the pandemic process with the slogan of "One-Half Day Each Month" in In-Service Training.  Both the content and the methods used in the in-service training, which were carried out through “face-to-face” 2019 and  “remote”  in 2020, created a remarkable awareness.

The meeting held on Monday,  January 11, 2021, was attended by the Head of Education and Development Department, Project Manager and raining Planning Specialist from the Presidency Human Resources Office and the Head of Personnel Department, In-Service Training Coordinator and Training Planning Officer from our university.  

At the meeting, firstly the Presidential "Distance Education Gate" system was introduced, then mutual information was exchanged on in-service training practices and it was aimed to initiate the necessary preliminary studies for cooperation. At the end of the meeting, a consensus was reached that joint training should be organized with our university since it sets an example for other universities and public institutions with its in-service training. On the same day, our university was enabled to participate in the system after the necessary definitions for the Presidency’s “Distance Education Gate” were made immediately by the Presidency  Office.

In addition, pre-interviews were held on the In-Service Training Cooperation Protocol between the Personnel Department of the Ministry of Justice General Directorate of Prisons and Detention Houses and the Personnel Department of Marmara University. It is planned to cooperate with the said institution in in-service training in the near future.