R&D Cooperation Protocol Was Signed Between Marmara University and Eti Mining Operations General Directorate

An R&D cooperation protocol between Marmara University and  Eti Mining Operations General Directorate was signed with a  ceremony held at Marmara University on 3rd February 2021. Serkan Keleşer, Chairman of the Board and General Manager of Eti Mining Operations, stated in his speech that there is a need for university collaborations in the field of environmental defense industry and energy. Saying that they especially approach projects in which boron mine is processed as raw material, Keleşer added they will provide the necessary capital for the projects developed in that field. Subsequently, Rector Prof. Dr. Erol Özvar talked about the opportunities provided by the protocol. Hoping that the cooperation will lead to success, Özvar wished success to all those who will contribute to the future of the Republic of Turkey with their projects.

Then, our university’s academicians, who develop projects within the scope of the environmental defense industry and energy, made their presentations. Following the presentations carefully, Serkan Keleşer provided positive feedback. He added that detailed technical meetings will be held on the subject in the coming days.