Test Kit for Detecting Plastic Component in Breast Milk

In the project supported by TUBITAK, a test strip was developed to detect the bisphenol A plastic component in breast milk. The developed test strip detects whether or not breast milk includes Bisphenol A.

Bisphenol A is the raw material of plastic and known to be very harmful. This substance can be transmitted to the body and even to breast milk through the use of hard plastics and some foods that we use in daily life.

Thanks to the breast milk filter that Prof. Dr. Tuğba Tunalı Akbay and her team developed in 2015, which is in the mass production phase, the mothers,  who detected the chemical in the milk through the test, will be able to purify their breast milk from harmful substances.

Akbay said that Bisphenol A mimics the hormone estrogen and disrupts the hormonal balance, so the project is designed to detect plastic. Akbay said that this test rod can be used in normal waters, if the water contains Bisphenol A,  it can be treated with the filter that was produced for normal water.

Prof. Dr. Akbay and her team are planning to develop this test in order to detect chemical substances such as gluten, lactose, paraben and drug remains.