The Faculty of Health Sciences’ Students’ Success at Tübitak

The projects of our students at Faculty of Health Sciences Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department which will be supported by Tübitak University Students Research Program 2209-A are as follows. We congratulate our students and wish them continuing success.

Proje No: 1919B011603295

Neslihan Karabacak-Ayşe Gül Duymaz

‘’Mobile Application of 6 Minutes Walking Test and Shuttle Walking Test’’

Proje No: 1919B011603012

Deniz Ahıshalı-Merve Çakır

‘’Production of Digital Goniometer Used in Physiotherapy’’

Proje No: 1919B011603405

Ruken İÇEN ve Emine Erkul

‘’Posture Analysis Application in Physiptherapy’’

Proje No: 1919B011603078

Selçuk Han Aslanbey

‘’Evaluation of Virtual Reality Applications’ Effect to Upper Extremity Proprioception’’

Proje No: 1919B011603132

Gazel Akgül

‘’Evaluation of Advanced Virtual Reality Games’ Effect to the Center of Gravity of Overweight People’’