The Installation of Seismic Insulating System is in Our University Hospital

The installation of Seismic Insulators  to be  implied to the hospital building which is located in Basibuyuk Campus was started  on 6 February 2015, in order to provide inturrupted   hospital service  even in the earthquake moment, within  the Project of  “ Istanbul  Seismic Risk Reduction and Emergency Preparedness ( ISMEP)” launched  by Istanbul Province Special Administration, Project Coordination Unit. 

This Method to be applied  ensures that   direct interaction  between  structure and  surface will cease by placing of the seismic insulators into  appropriate  floor and the bottom of column and reinforced concrete of  the structures.   

These insulators which are  movable with the influence of horizontal forces absorbe  the earthquake energy by doing very soft but large  oscillations in the earthquake moment and so that   a probable destructive  effect of the earthquake can be   avoided  and  carrier system  elements of the  upper structure are not influenced.



In that case, the construction which the seismic insulator  technique has been applied  is affected  much less  by the   possible earthquake and able to continue to serve immediately after the earhtquake. 

With this feature, Marmara University Hospital will be also the  largest hospital in the wold which is powered by  “Seismic Insulator Technique”.