The Opening Lecture on “Turkology from Past to Present” by Prof. Dr. Timur Kocaoğlu

The opening lecture of the Humanities and Social Sciences Department of Turkish Language and Literature  was held at the İbrahim Üzümcü Conference Hall, Göztepe Campus, on October 11, 2022.

In the Opening Lecture, in which Timur Kocaoğlu took part as a speaker, the development process of Turcology studies from past to present was discussed and the beginning period of Turcology, famous Turcologists, the problems of Turcology and the contributions of young researchers to this field were presented with slides.

The event  with a concert  titled "Songs from the Turkish World", in which the “Grup Marmaralılar” Ensemble  consisting of Prof. Dr. Haluk Harun Duman, Assoc. Prof. Erdinç Aslan, Lect. Dr. Ercan Mertoğlu, Fevzi Cengiz and soloist Yeşim Adıyaman performs songs from the Balkans, Crimea, Uzbekistan (Khorezm), Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Kirkuk and Anatolia.