The Success of Our Researchers in Intelligent Transportation Systems

Assoc. Prof. Müjdat Soytürk, Marmara University Faculty of Engineering Computer Engineering Department Lecturer and MInD-NET laboratory and VeNIT laboratory Manager,  and his research team developed the "V2X / Connected Vehicles Platform", which is carried out within the scope of the European Union H2020-ECSEL calls, with the contribution of the R&D projects with a total budget of 250 Million Euros and a  budget of 2 million Euros funded by Marmara University on the axis of Artificial Intelligence-Communication (5G) -Connected Vehicles.

Through the "V2X communication" in accordance with the standards,  the platform obtains vehicle data from "Connected Cars / Vehicles" and "Connected Autonomous Vehicles", and makes it manageable. Thus, it provides the necessary services for Intelligent Transportation Systems, Smart City Applications, and Connected / Autonomous Vehicles. The "V2X / Connected Vehicles Platform" has the following features:

It is a platform that will meet the needs of many public and private organizations.

It is also used by EU country organizations in EU H2020 projects in which our researchers take part.

EU country organizations that our researchers work with will also use the specified platform as a test infrastructure V2X data and service platform integrated into their systems.

It has been another prominent product putting Marmara University forward in Turkey and EU  in the field of Connected Vehicles and AUS. 

It also works in integration with the "Connected Vehicles Digital Twin Platform", which was previously developed firstly by our researchers.

The "V2X / Connected Vehicles Platform" and "Connected Vehicles Digital Twin Platform" developed by our researchers have contributed to the new technologies of Intelligent Transportation Systems as a national product. The work of our researchers in this area continues with EU H2020 project support. Project outputs will also be used by EU project stakeholders.

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