Turkey's First "Hospital Class Graduation Ceremony" Was Held

The 2021-2022 academic year graduation and report card ceremony was attended by Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya, Pendik District Governor Dr. Hülya Kaya, Istanbul Provincial Director of National Education Levent Yazıcı, Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Kemal Memişoğlu, Pendik Training and Research Hospital Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Osman Hakan Gündüz, volunteer teachers, students and parents.  In the ceremony that started with the choir performance of the students, Governor Yerlikaya and Pendik Training and Research Hospital Chief Physician Gündüz made speeches to the participants.

Governor Yerlikaya, who started his speech by stating that he is happy to be a part of the children's graduation joy, said, "I am proud to attend the most meaningful graduation ceremony of Istanbul today. All students will experience the joy of report cards tomorrow in Istanbul. Congratulations to all educators, students and families.”

“Since 2017, 1019 puppies have been trained in our hospitals within the scope of the 'Hold My Teacher Project' in 14 hospitals in total. We have also primary, secondary and high school puppies who cannot come to school, whose treatment process continues in their homes. We do not leave them behind from their education, training and friends, and we go to their homes. I want to congratulate everyone involved in the project. May Allah grant us the opportunity to see the days when our puppies get better as we see the joy of graduation.” Governor Yerlikaya said in his speech.

Chief Physician Gündüz said, “We share the joy  of the children with the graduation ceremony. We are holding our first graduation ceremony of the Hospital Class. 11 primary school, 11 middle school and 9 high school students with chronic diseases, who receive long-term treatment in many departments of our hospital, receive their report cards. In addition, 8 of our students are graduating with their diplomas today. We are holding the 'Hospital Class' graduation ceremony for the first time in Turkey. The basis of the ceremony, which has a great meaning for us, is the great sacrifice of our esteemed parents.”

Chief Physician Gündüz ended  his speech by thanking the teachers and parents who supported the students throughout the academic year.