Zero Waste Period Began at the Marmara University

In the ceremony hosted by and under the cover of Istanbul Governorship, “Zero Waste” Protocol was signed by Prof.Dr. Erol Özvar and Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya.

General Secretary Murat Arısal,  Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration Prof.Dr. Nuran Cömert, Dean of the Faculty of  Economics Prof.Dr. İ. Esen Yıldırım, Dean of the Faculty of the Technology Hasan Erdal, Director of Environmental Problems Prof. Dr. Belgin Süsleyici and Güler Dartan from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences attended the signing ceremony.

Zero Waste Project aims to provide the resources to use more productive, decrease the waste  amount, establish an effective collection  system and  recycle waste materials. In this direction, the final target of the project will be to reach zero waste.

It will be envisaged that this protocol signed by such as Istanbul University and Istanbul Cerrahpaşa University will be applied step by step in the public institutions and organizations, terminals, education institutions (schools, universities, dormitories), shopping mall, hospitals, recreation facilities and big business  premises.