A Joint Scientific Achievement Between Nanotechnology Center and RWTH Aachen University-Germany

Two articles by a visiting researcher Mohamed A. Mohamady Hussein, who came from RWTH Aachen University-Germany to do his doctorate studies at the Nanotechnology and Biomaterials Application and Research Center for 10 months, in collaboration with the researchers of the Nanotechnology center, have been accepted in Q1 journals. Thanks to the studies he carried out at the Nanotechnology Center, Mohamed A. Mohamady Hussein completed his doctoral thesis on enhancing antimicrobial properties with potential for use in wound dressings.

Together with the journal in which they were published and their authors, these articles are as follows:

1.International Journal of Nanomedicine (IF, 5.116)

Chitosan/gold Hybrid Nanoparticles Enriched Electrospun PVA Nanofibrous Mats for the Topical Delivery of Punica granatum L. Extract: Synthesis, Characterization, Biocompatibility and Antibacterial Properties

Authors: Mohamed A. Mohamady Hussein, Songul Ulag, Ahmed S. Abo Dena, Ali Sahin, Mariusz Grinholc, Oguzhan Gunduz, Ibrahim M. El-Sherbiny, Mosaad Megahed.


2.Carbohydrate Polymers (IF, 7.182)

Dual-drug delivery of Ag-chitosan nanoparticles and phenytoin via core-shell PVA/PCL electrospun nanofibers

Authors: Mohamed Ahmed-Mohamady Husseina , Ece Guler, Erkan Rayaman, Muhammet Emin Camb, Ali Sahin, Mariusz Grinholc, Demet Sezgin, Yesim Müge Sahin, Oguzhan Gunduz, Mamoun Muhammedi IbrahimEl-Sherbiny , Mosaad Megahed.


We congratulate both  Nanotechnology Center researchers and Mohamed A. Mohamady Hussein and wish them continued success.