An Accessible World for All

Cihat Ersin Aydın, a student of Marmara University  Banking and Insurance School,  and Sadriye Görece, a graduate of Boğaziçi University, made restaurants and menus accessible for the visually impaired with the BlindLook application they developed.

To make social life equal and accessible for visually impaired, Cihat Ersin Aydın and Sadriye Görece accomplished to make life easier with the BlindLook application they developed.  In addition to the mobile application downloaded from the  App Store only, BlindLook continues to serve through

BlindLook offers accessible menu solutions to enable visually impaired people to place their orders freely and to make visually impaired independent by eliminating third parties in the ordering process.

BlindLook, which ensures that visually impaired people receive the same quality service with others, has made life easier for thousands of visually impaired people and the application has received numerous awards.