Barrier-Free Dental Hospital

Marmara University  Faculty of Dentistry will become the most comprehensive hospital in Istanbul when the Barrier-Free Dental Hospital is completed.

Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry Prof. Dr. Yasemin Özkan,  giving information about the latest status of the hospital,  stated that the State Planning Organization provided 10 million TL support for the dental hospital project, which will be planned within the university's Başıbüyük Campus and only serve the disabled people,  but that the hospital needed another 10 million TL for its implementation.

Professor Özkan said that there are 800-900 thousand disabled people in Istanbul, but we took care of 120 thousand of those people who are with mental disabilities. None of the existing dental hospitals are fully responsive to their needs. Because people with disabilities may need to get anesthesia even during the examination and they may carry extra neurological risks. Therefore, there is a need for a comprehensive dental hospital which includes other branches such as intensive care, neurology, gastroenterology, and physiotherapy. For months, they can't get treatment, they walk around the hospital and their families are miserable. If the budget is found, the hospital will be completed within 8-9 months,  and the disabled people will have a comprehensive dental hospital including intensive care, neurologist, anesthesiologist and disabled dental unit in both Istanbul and the surrounding provinces.