Crimes Against the Security and Functioning of the Public  Administration Training Was Held

Within the scope of "2022 Year In-Service Training Calendar" and under the tutor of  Prof . Dr.  Yusuf Yaşar from Faculty of Law Department, the "Crimes Against the Security and Functioning of the Public Administration Training" was held  on Friday, December 16, 2022, at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Conference Hall.

In this training organized by the In-Service Training Coordinatorship for the staff of our university, crimes against the security and functioning of the public administration were dealt with in a comprehensive manner, while the conditions that should be created in order to ensure this security were also discussed.

Prof. Dr. Yusuf Yaşar underlined that the state is in a structure that cannot be victimized and  stated that in addition to the state's invulnerable nature, every power is open to abuse and this abuse can cause total full  behind. Stating that in order to ensure the reliability of the public administration, the public official should be trusted, Prof. Yaşar explained the crimes that may be caused by public officials, the scope of the crimes and their consequences.