Five Percent  of Turkey's 50 Most Influential  CMOs Are Marmara University Graduates

It has been observed that the marketing leaders in the “50  Most Influential  CMOs” list prepared by Business School Istanbul (BMI) in collaboration with DataExpert, including Marmara University graduates, climbed the career ladder. Among the CMOs (Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing Manager) included in the list, 21 percent were promoted, 10 percent rose to the positions of CEO or Chairman of the Board, and 11 percent increased their existing seats

In the said list, 5 percent of Turkey's 50 most influential CMOs were graduated from Marmara University.  In addition, the distribution of departments from which managers were graduated is 26 percent in business, 17 percent in economics, 12 percent in industrial engineering, 9 percent in politics and international relations, and 7 percent in electrical and electronic engineering. In addition, 61 percent of CMOs have a master's degree and 45 percent are women.

The 50 Most Influential  CMO list,  5% of which consists of Marmara University graduates,  will be published in March 2021 in Fortune Turkey.