"Foreign Language and Health Tourism Education Protocol" Was Signed Between Marmara University and the Ministry of Commerce

The "Foreign Language and Health Tourism Education Protocol" was signed between the General Directorate of International Service Trade of the Ministry of Commerce and Marmara University within the scope of Article 92 of the "Decision on Definition, Classification and Support of Service Trade" numbered 5448, published in the Official Gazette on April 20, 2022.

Marmara University will be among the institutions that can offer a certificate program within the scope of the procedures and principles regarding foreign language and health tourism education to be offered to the personnel employed by health institutions and health tourism intermediary organizations established in our country.

The process planned within the scope of the project will be carried out by the academic staff of Marmara University, including its academic units and academicians. Participants who apply to the program will be offered foreign language education and health tourism education in line with their professional requirements and in a way that will contribute to their professional needs.

In addition to ensuring high performance in basic health knowledge related to the branches of health tourism employees, it is also planned to provide them with training and knowledge in areas that are directly complementary to the health tourism process, such as insurance, marketing, travel, patient relations, communication and entertainment services.