"If I Have a Student With Autism" Panel

Organized by the Disabled Student Unit Coordinator in cooperation with Marmara Club without Barriers, the second of the "Teaching is Dedication" panel was held in  İbrahim Üzümcü Conference Hall, Marmara University, Göztepe Campus, under the title of "What a Teacher Should Know: If I Have a Student With Autism". 

The opening speech was made by Disabled Student Unit Coordinator Instructor Zuhal Pek. In the panel moderated by Assoc. Prof.  Nermin Özer Özcan, ODFED Vice Chair Tolga Gökçe talked about the increase in autism in the world and the methods of approaching a student with autism as well as underlining the problems on the family front and the influence of the teacher on this issue. Assoc. Prof. Aydan Aydın, Atatürk Faculty of  Education  Special Teaching Department,  deeply shocked everyone who participated in the panel, by explaining the bullying towards autistic students with sample cases. The panel, in which it was emphasized that a teacher should not remain silent when witnessing bullying, ended with a photo shoot.