Langmuir Journal Covered by the Scientific Study of Nanotechnology Center(NBUAM)

Scientific Study of the (NBUAM) was accepted and published as the coverage in LANGMUIR Journal, which is published by ACS Publishing House, established in 1876 and one of the largest scientific organizations in the World with more than 151,000 members in 140 countries authorized by the US Congress.

A simple microchip was produced with this scientific study developed by the NBUAM. This microchip will reduce the side effects of the drugs used by diabetic patients and the frequency of drug intake. With that study, a smart nanocarrier method has been developed to increase the effect of oral antidiabetic drugs.

The study jointly carried out by Prof. Dr. Anthony Harker and Prof. Dr.  Mohan Edirisinghe from the University College London (UCL), one of the most respected universities in the world, was produced from Dr.  Sumeyye Cesur's doctorate thesis.  

We congratulate our valuable academicians  Assoc. Prof.  Muhammet Emin Cam, Inst. Fatih Serdar Sayın, Inst. Sena Su Torun and Assoc. Prof. Oğuzhan Gündüz and valuable academicians  Prof. Dr. Anthony Harke and  Prof. Dr. Mohan Edirisinghe for their work and wish them success.

The scientific study can be accessed from the link below: