Light Search and Rescue Trainings  Held  in Cooperation with Marmara University Civil Defense Club and AFAD

Due to its geological structure and climatic characteristics, our country is among the geographies most affected by disasters. In this regard, Light Search and Rescue Trainings were given by AFAD (Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency) between July 5 and July 9 with the initiatives of Marmara University Civil Defense Club in order to raise awareness of disaster in our youth. In the training given, it was aimed to inform our youth about the culture of disaster awareness, the risks in the environment and how to reduce these risks, and to raise awareness about the behaviors to be followed in the first 72 hours and the basic precautions that can be taken, correct behavior practices. In addition,  various informations were shared to provide skills on disaster emergency planning, basic search and rescue information, and basic needs after disasters.

The search and rescue team of 15 people, established by the Marmara University Civil Defense Club, is on standby for any emergency that may occur at our university. Necessary search and rescue tools are provided by our university. As Marmara University, we have the competence to be self-sufficient in disaster situations.