Marmara University Held Earthquake Drill

Marmara University, providing education service in 6 different districts of Istanbul,  has accelerated the works to be done before, during and after the earthquake within the framework of the responsibility of being one of the largest universities in our country in terms of the number of students, academic and administrative staff. Within the scope of the work to be done before the earthquake, it made an earthquake risk assessment of all buildings and prepared the projects of buildings that needed strengthening for the tender phase. Also,  items with the risk of overturning during an earthquake were fixed in the buildings.

In 2020, after the preparation of emergency action plans for all units and Basic Disaster Awareness Training for all personnel through distance education, the "Earthquake Drill" was successfully carried out at 14:00 p.m. in all university units on January 07, 2021. Thus, the things to be done during and after the earthquake were reviewed thanks to the exercise.

Before the exercise, distance and vis a vis meetings were held with all building managers regarding the preparations for the expected Istanbul earthquake and the implementation principles of the emergency plan. In addition, the units within their own staff were informed about the steps to be followed during the earthquake.

Secretary-General of Marmara University Dr. Murat Arısal directed the exercise from the Rectorate Emergency Center that was established in Göztepe Campus during the exercise. Arısal received information about the work carried out during the exercise by meeting with the Campus Advisors through live connection simultaneously with the Emergency Centers of all campuses.

During the exercise, workshops were carried out on the evacuation of buildings in the event of an earthquake, management of services such as communication, health, search and rescue, logistics, transportation and improvement. Valuable findings have been provided to improve disaster management and coordination between the Rectorate and its affiliated units.

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Osman Hakan GÜNDÜZ,  Director of the School of Health Services Prof. Dr. Ümit ŞEHİRLİ, Director of Gastroenterology Institute Prof. Dr. Yusuf YILMAZ, who were present at the  Emergency Center which was established in the Recep Tayyip Erdogan Complex, followed the earthquake drill together.

Executive Protection Security Director Uğur CİNOĞLU, “We carried out the preparations and planning of the exercise together with our teammates. This exercise is the product of joint work. It is important in terms of accelerating disaster preparations at our university. It has created an important opportunity in terms of seeing the shortcomings and taking necessary actions about them. " said.