Marmara University Prof. Dr. Orhan Oğuz Library & Marmara University Republic Museum and Art Gallery Has Begun Service with 360 ° Virtual Tour

Marmara University Prof. Dr. Orhan Oğuz Library, aiming to provide the best service according to the needs of the members of our university, which has one of the largest numbers of students and academicians in our country, continues its mission with the printed and electronic resources, databases, smart devices and modern librarianship understanding that it provides to users by contributing to their research and scientific studies.

Marmara University Republic Museum and Art Gallery that opened with exhibiting the works of 85 original Printmaking artists within the framework of the activities of the 85th anniversary of the foundation of the Republic in 2008, brought the society together with the works of many local and foreign artists.

Due to the global epidemic affecting our country as well as the whole world in 2020, the mobility has decreased, our museum has not reached its visitors in this context, and, even though our library continues to serve, its user visit has been reduced to a minimum due to the closed schools. Thanks to 360 ° Virtual Tour, Marmara University Cumhuriyet Museum and Art Gallery and Prof. Dr. Orhan Oğuz Library aim to enable their users to reach both the works of the museum and the library by wandering around as they wish.

Shooting high-quality works in the museum which host the works of Turkey's most important artist has been prepared for this purpose. Through Virtual Tour, the museum will be accessible to visitors from all parts of the world 24/7. With that 360 ° Virtual Tour, information about the artist and her/his work will be reached by clicking on the works.

Also, with every square centimeter of high-quality library shot in line with this goal, our users will be able to virtually walk around the building from the outer door, and even read the labels of the books on the shelves in the "General Collection".

We invite all art lovers and library users to this virtual tour.

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