Marmara University  Received Support For Its Two Projects Within Tubitak 4005 Program

Marmara University received the support for its two projects within the program of Tubitak 4005 Science and Society Innovative Educational Practices.  Assoc. Prof. Oğuzhan Gündüz, Director of  Nanotechnology and Biomaterials Application and Research Center,  and  Dr. Ferit Bayram from the  Faculty of Dentistry were deemed worthy to be supported with the projects they prepared.

The first of the projects has been prepared under the supervision of Nanotechnology and Biomaterials Application and Research Center, where Assoc. Prof.  Oğuzhan Gündüz is the director. With the project, it is aimed that teachers who teach in biomedical field in vocational technical high schools develop themselves and transfer the three-dimensional bio printer technology to high school students. It is also aimed  to transform the product to be obtained  after the follow-up of the teachers and students who attend the training throughout the process into an e-Twinning project.

The supported second project has been prepared at the Faculty of Dentistry.  With the  project in which Dr. Ferit Bayram,  Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Faculty of Dentistry,  is the executive and  Prof. Dr. Yasemin Özkan and Lecturer Dr. Yılmaz Umut Aslan are researchers, it is aimed to evaluate whether creating a virtual environment where dentistry faculty graduate students can access theoretical and practical lessons continuously increases students' interest and motivation.

TÜBİTAK 4005  is a program that supports interactive activities that provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills through innovative approaches. It is possible to apply with the  projects prepared in the fields of natural sciences, engineering and technology, medical sciences, agricultural sciences, social and human sciences.

You can reach detailed information about TÜBİTAK 4005-  Science and Society  innovative Educational Practices Program by clicking here.